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Microsoft .NET includes a re-usable library of classes which help programmers develop programs, and a development environment that enables programmers to quickly develop programs. The .NET Framework is the future of development to ensure any investment in .NET now can last several years in to the future.
Variance Infotech focuses on Customized Application Development on the Microsoft .NET system. Our application engineers are professionals. Most have over Ten years of direct hands on expertise creating programs with .NET.

The .NET Structure includes the normal language runtime and the .NET Structure class library. The normal language runtime is the basis of the .NET Structure. You can imagine the runtime as an agent which handles code at execution time, offering primary solutions just like memory managing, thread managing, and remoting, while also implementing strict kind security and other types of code accuracy which promote safety and sturdiness. Actually, the idea of code managing is a basic principle with the runtime. Code which focuses on the runtime is called handled code, while code that doesn't focus on the runtime is called unmanaged code. The class library is a comprehensive, object-oriented collection of reusable kinds which you can use to build up programs ranging from traditional command-line or graphical user interface (GUI) programs to programs according to the latest innovations offered by ASP.NET, just like Web Forms and XML Web services.

The .NET Structure can be located by unmanaged elements which load the normal language runtime to their procedures and start the setup of handled code, therefore developing a application environment that may exploit each handled and unmanaged functions. The .NET Structure not just offers a number of runtime hosts, and also supports the growth of third-party runtime hosts.

For instance, ASP.NET hosts the runtime to give a scalable, server-side environment for handled code. ASP.NET will work specifically with all the runtime to allow ASP.NET programs and XML Web solutions, each of which are discussed later in this topic.
Internet Explorer is an example of an unmanaged software which hosts the runtime (in the form of a MIME type extension). Using Internet Explorer for hosting the runtime allows you to embed handled elements or Windows Forms controls in HTML documents. Hosting the runtime this way can make handled mobile code available, and then important enhancements that just handled code can provide, just like semi-trusted setup and separated document storage.

The next example displays the connection with the typical language runtime and the class library for your programs also to the general system. The example also displays how handled code works in just a bigger structures.


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