Where QBasic come from


I know where Microsoft got the idea to make QBasic, they took many things from Locomotive Basic. I got a computer with MS-DOS and GEM Windows, and some apps. One of them are Locomotive Basic 2, and many commands are very similiar to QBasic. Ex circle 2500;2500,200 makes a quiet big circle in Basic 2 for GEM Windows, so it's so can I say. But I program in QBasic 4.5 and QBasic who comes with MS-DOS, and I even use old but great GW-Basic ver 3.23. And I can say this that in QBasic for DOS, it only works to make some DOS apps. Cause it came out before USB came in the computers, but it's fun to program Basic.


  • Quick Basic 4.5 is the best version of Basic to run in DOS mode..

  • Every time I'm reminded of Qbasic I think of this.. :D

  • I even got QBasic 7, I shall install that in my DOS computer. And se if I can found any manual on internet....

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