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Bootstrap Responsive Themes is a new Bootstrap theme market place coming soon!

They have done extensive research into the obstacles you face as a developer when they try to sell your themes on other Bootstrap Theme sites.
One of the main issues they discovered was the lack of information given to you if your Bootstrap themes were rejected for whatever reason. They hear that these companies literally would send out a standard automated email.

Bootstrap Responsive Themes are scheduled to go live at the end of November 2013, if you are a Bootstrap theme developer, please visit their site: and upload your Bootstrap theme.

Check out their Facebook page: and give them a like to share the news about this new Bootstrap theme market place.

They are currently looking for Bootstrap themes in the following categories: Bootstrap Admin Themes, Bootstrap Dashboards, Bootstrap Blogs, Bootstrap Skins, Bootstrap Business Themes, Bootstrap Corporate Themes, Bootstrap E-Commerce Themes, Bootstrap Landing Pages, Bootstrap Portfolios Themes and Bootstrap Resumes and CV’s.


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