VBA Code for A Multiselect ListBox (Help Please)!!!! Thanks

Hello Guys,

I need help with a vba code for a multiselect list box that list all State abbreviations like "AK" in the listbox. However, when I select a state, there is a command button near the list box that allow the process to run a macro paramater query which is an SQL query (in the paramater query i have [forms]![nameofmyform]![nameofthelistbox] for the State criteria"). Then a recordset is opened with all of the states and other information in the table. I would like to allow a person to select more than one state from the table when it opened to send emails to those States. Right now, I am able to select only one State based on the query to send emails"Not more than One". My colleague wants to be able to send more than one at the same time by selecting more than one state from the listbox.

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