My first Ocullus Rift test :D (Torque 3D)


Not sure how to post a video so I hope this works. I have Torque 3D and just wanted to show my first output. Looks OK but I need help with the AI as I'm not sure how to do it. Also the water is buggy but that's the Torque engine..


  • Do you have an Oculus Rif Dev kit or are you just using the ready made Torque 3D filter / wrapper (or what ever it's called).

    Either way I've not used Torque 3D but we should soon have a prize regarding a 12 month Unity 3D license, from what I have heard it is quite superior to Torque (don't take my word for it though).

    Wish I had a dev kit :( can't wait for the consumer version to come out, I think Sony are doing one too??

    We want to build an Oculus Section here so please continue to add other stuff you have made or of interest.

    Hmm.. wonder if we can get hold of a dev kit to give away.. :D

  • oh sorry, forgot to say nice video! =) did you make the models yourself?

  • Yes I have a dev kit already and Hydra Razers

    When you start Torque you just need to add the sdk folder and the change the view mode (sorry can't remember what it's called at the moment). I'll put instructions up when I get home.

    I have not tried Unity 3D, will have a look later

    ok I will place some stuffs later on, work first!

    thanks on video comment, not I didn't I bought them somewhere, again can't remember where (terrible memory these days), but I'll put all that here later. I did do the lighting though which took quite a while, imported the models and their various animations (walking, jumping etc). It's all pretty easy but I need them to move around by themselves, have not figured out how yet.

  • Looks fantastic :) Since it was first introduced to the public, I wanted to own one of these and develop interactive play spaces for it...

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