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Hello, my name is Andrei and I'm a student in the 3rd year of The Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science. This year I will be studying Java, but my faculty schedule is quite flexible so I have enough spare time so I would like to learn Java in advance if I can say so. I googled Java tutorial and stuff but I found many links that provide help so I wonderd if you guys can give some tutorials that are actually good structured and take thing step by step. Thank you !


  • Hello,

    The best way to study Java is try to make your sites/programns and when you have a doubt look at Google the specificaded this that you need, this way you will learn better, because you want to learn how to do something that you really need, and no a lot of things that maybe you will not use never!

  • To learn java read books and refer online sites for practicing programs. Do practice different problems to gain more knowledge everyday.

    I have pasted link of websites fro beginner. One of the site is meritcampus. One can learn java in just 60 days even without knowing C/C++ at this site. Also, there are many practice test there.

    Java books for beginners:

    1) Complete Reference
    2) Balaguruswamy

    For Beginner:

    1)Meritcampus (Various Topics+ Online Compiler+ practice Tests + Expert Training)

    2)w3schools (Only theory + online compiler)

    For Difficult Programs:

    1) Codechef
    2) Techgig
    3) HackerEarth

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