I have a 14 year old son on pace to finish school in a couple years. I want him to go to college as I did not. He's a natural at about everything including math (all of which I sucked at and struggled with).

My trouble right now is he finishes his school work by noon (accurately and completely) and then has the rest of the day to cause grief! That he did get from me!

I'd like to see him go into programming of some sort. For years now, there are many jobs in about every state and they pay very well. A long time ago a friend of mine handed me a "Visual basic in 21 days" book and a cd for VB. I messed around with it for a couple weeks. That's all I know about programming.

What would be something I could get a smart kid into right now, at 14. What software would you all recommend for a kid starting from scratch. Something he might find interesting and want to spend time on his own exploring....kind of seeing if he may have interest in going in that direction for his future. (of course he may hate it, and that's okay.)

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