Need a programmer's help

Firstly, I am not a programmer. I have an intermediate understanding of computers. I have run into a problem that I am not sure how to solve but a programmer may be able to.

I am looking for someone who knows about .dll files and .exe files. My problem is that I am trying to play a game that requires Steam to be running in the background. The game is Skyrim. My computer will run Skyrim on its own but for some reason Steam is using 60% of my CPU just to sit in the background and do nothing. This means that there is not enough processing power left to run Skyrim without it stuttering so badly that it becomes unplayable.

In the game folder there are two files that I believe could be modified to help me. The first is called steam_api.dll and I've been lead to believe that this file is how Steam knows if the game is running. The second file is launcher.exe which, as the name suggests, opens the launcher for the game. When I double click launcher.exe it first starts up Steam so there must be something in the file that links it to Steam. I need to break that link. I have tried opening both files up to be edited with a few different programs but all I get is pages of complete gibberish.

I firstly tried contacting Steam for support. The only thing they like to support their clients with is separating them from their money. Once you have paid though, they lose all interest. I then tried asking on Skyrim forums. The reaction it gets, you would have thought I asked for advice on how to kill someone. I know it is against Steam's terms of sale to allow their games to run without the Steam client running and I understand why. Some people just download an illegal copy and then try and find a way to bypass Steam so they can play it.

I have paid Steam a lot of money for this game and now I can't play it because of their software and they won't help me. Below I have included a link to a screenshot of my Steam client opened up showing my library of games so that anyone reading this can see I have a legitimate copy of Skyrim.

If anyone can help me I would be really grateful.
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