Vertcat error

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to convert a Qmil file to a usable file in Solid works. Now, i have found a basic programme in matlab which does the converting of the files to slices, which are importable in Matlab. I have basic nknowledge of amatlab and have figured some stuff out, but still have some problems. The matlab file reads .txt files for the data of airfoils and the output data of qmil, which is a dos program, the output of this program is also .txt.
I get the following errors:
1. ??? Error using ==> vertcat
CAT arguments dimensions are not consistent.

I have looked up this error and there would need to be a mistake in the horzcat, but I can't find it. The matlab file is attached to this topic. Could it be an error because i use horzcat (-X,Y,Z)?

Error in ==> matlabconverting at 31
dlmwrite(['Slice_' int2str(i)

Here the matlab file would convert the entire propeller i want to make to slices at certain parts, which are importable into solid works. Problem: It only generates the first 9 slides. I will look for myself a bit, but it would be awesome if this matlab file works. In attachment i have put everything (txt files, matlab file). If someone could give me some tips or advice it would be great. Again, I have not written this code, just edited it (I will give credit to the original author of course), to make it work with my data.
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