Visual C++ Template/Project Design

What I want to do is make a default.vcxproj template, but there are "a lot" of folders, other template files and variables. I don't have a single clue as to what all the variables I want is. They are basically all allocated in XML like templates in other files somewhere and somehow. The archetecture is very confusing and I am have a hard time to see a clear blueprint anywhere.

So if I want default project settings for Win32, Console or so I have to change the templates. But all of what I want to do (like disabling Unicode strings, but is overwritten by some other default.vcxproj though I tell it not to) is to make separate instances. I understand the ground work, but here's what I want.

1. Choose between Console, Win32, x64, Empty Project, etc. in wizard.
2. Load the appropiate settings for the project (so I don't have to manually do this in say 100 DLL classes).
3. Only have settings for that particular project based on choice and not the others (I have configuration Console CLR Debug, Console CLR Releases, Debug, Release).
4. Change the names of Debug, Release configurations to something else.
5. Not have a stupid sub-directory like (my folder/my program/my program - note the stupid repetition) for a solution and project directory (they don't even spell this out in their solutions as sometimes it is "MyDir" and others it is referenced as a variable as "MyDirectory" stupid, stupid, stupid).
6. Add in any settings for other configurations, as I have to make my own x64 configurations.

Basically what would help me out is an example template that is brilliantly engineered by some kind soul out there, a reference page to the many Microsoft pages that lists "every" project/XML/Java variable name, or some blueprint that was not included with the packaging.

Comments? Thoughts? Skepticisim?
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