Poor Beginner in Despair---Help with "file.java.swp"?

Hi there! Thanks for clicking on this thread!

I am a beginner, a confused but eager one!

I am using the Java language and trying to program for a simple single line of text.

I turned on DOS and got to make a file (with a "vi thing" I downloaded with Cygwin) like this:

C:folder>vi Howdy.java

I press enter and a blank space appears and I type EXACTLY like in the tutorial video:

apublic class Howdy {
public static void main(String Arg[]) {
System.out.println("Howdy Y'all!);

Then compile the program. I turned on another DOS, and got it to display my files and directories. In the tutorial video, the instructor's file appeared correctly as "Howdy.java", but mine appeared as "Howdy.java.swp".

When I tried to use javac with it, DOS told me javac was not recognized as an internal or external command.

I am very perplexed and deeply troubled! I've been trying to troubleshoot it all day long but couldn't get it.

If anyone would shed some light at all, I would be tearfully thankful.
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