New software project(s)

I am a young (32 is young in this field) Architect and designer, and I want to collaborate to an innovative OS/UI/GUI/software project. One or several... GPL or patented, depends on what it is.

Some ideas, from most ambitious to less ambitious :

I think that apps, files, file format, aren't anymore relevant when you look at people's needs. Information doesn't match one folder or another. Contents are in too many formats, and at the same time, these formats are so limited.

My goal is to make something never seen elsewhere, something simpler than ever, which could make complex operations like designing your own tools (for processing text, drawings, images, video, 3D, sound, etc), easy even when you don't know about programming. It would be an evolutive OS, but in order to be quickly widespread, it would be able to work on any platform.

Second one :
A real competitor to sketchup, which would be totally different :

-real volumic modelling (no more "behind the scenes" awkward behaviour, no more vertex management hassle)
-coordinate systems (ucs/workplanes)
-advanced modifiers (duplicate, extrude along a line, subsurf, boolean, etc)
-dynamic charts (volume, surface, linear, etc)
- intelligent object history/layers/pages
- 3d/haptic management via webcam, coloured caps on fingers and glasses.
- XREF management

Third one, much less ambitious but useful :

A Desktop publishing software allowing to use .odt, .png/jpg, .svg, .ods and .pdf files on a same page layout, dynamicly linked and editable. Though there are already some partial solutions, none really allows to edit text while someone else is working on the layout.
Furthermore, it should allow to output something easy to read on web, smartphones, tablets, by linking images to text parts. It would also be interresting to work upon a simpler and neater word processor than Ooowrite.

That's all for know. Tell me if you are interrested in these projects, or working on something similar and want to discuss about it !
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