2 seconds for rapid prototyping of plastic mold cups in this ways

PSM material will be a burning plastic bag and found a plastic bag into a fine white powder, no smell no smoke combustion process, not pungent smell but very gentle, and was informed that it is plant starch taste. The ordinary plastic residue after burning there will be melanoma-like particles.
Under the guidance of the staff, the reporter went to plastic products production workshop, the staff members were "forced" into a room of about one square meter. Suddenly one side of the six holes on the wall and release the wind, blowing reporter body, about half a minute later, the door is opened.
Staff, this is the "air shower" to enter the shop before they must first undergo this room dust. Into the shop, did not smell of plastic products factory usual odor, nor imagined hot. In a machine, the reporter saw an area of ??about 20,000 square meters of white plastic sheet from the machine "spit" out, push it through a die plate after a dozen plastic plates on the molding, the whole process only took 5 seconds. And another machine, the plastic injection mold pressed into the plastic cup shape sheet, plastic cups are also continuously from the machine "jump" out of every four cups as a group, for about 2 seconds to molding.
Starch modification technology is to plant starch modified for the plastic material in order to achieve complete degradation of the key, is the gorgeous green core technology. The reporter repeated requests, Huali Environmental finally agreed reporters into starch modified plant.
Reporters first taken to a huge room, the room is not bright, full of all kinds of pipes and equipment. Walked along, occasionally have to bow to bypass the pipeline, but also pay attention to the foot, piping or equipment to avoid being tripped. CEO Zhang Libin introduction of this room is actually down three floors, each floor of about 400 square meters, is not so much a great device, as it is a combination of a variety of devices.
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