Suppose you are given a set P of integers and another integer x. We wish to use a T(nlgn) algorithm to decide whether there are 2 integers in P and the product (multiplication) of these two integers equals to x. Show your algorithm. (You can use pseudo code or by illustration only)

This is what I have:
Var x;
Function equate( list m)
// if list size is 0 empty or 1 print computation can not be done
If(length m >=1)
Divide the lists into two parts
Var list left ,right ;
Var int middle = length (m) /2;
For each x in before middle
Add x to the left // left is an array
Loop : For (int i=0;i< middle;i++ )
For (int j= 1;j<middle;j++)
multiply left (i)xleft(j)
if (left (i)xleft(j) =x )
print left (i) , left(j)
For each x in after middle before length(m) // right is an array
Add x to the right
Loop : For (int i=middle ; i< m ;i++ )
For (int j= middle ;j<m ;j++)
multiply right (i)x right (j)
if (right (i)xright (j) =x )
print right (i), right j

Is this correct. Please, do not make it complicated. I want to keep it simple. If it is correct or I have to change something please tell me the line, and what it should look like, write the line out! Thank you!


  • chipkahuchipkahu VietNam
    edited June 2014

    your algorithm output the integer pair overlap when it must be true. I think so. do not know right? if the list has the same number, the result will be identical.

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