Pygame - Richard's Jones TMX Library Error

Hello! I'm a noob at python and pygame, also forgive for possible english mistakes, i'm actually from Brasil.
I'm creating a plataform game using tilemaps and loading it with Richard's Jones tmx library, and i have come across a "bug":
When i'm moving my character around, he goes faster to the left and down directions.
First, i thought it was an error with my code, but after making differents test's using, written by Richard Jones, i've realized that this problem ocurrs with his game. If you press both the left and the right arrows together you will see that the caracter has the tendency of going left, also all the objects (Bullet, enemy, Player...) can't have a speed bellow 20 pixels/second (in my game, you can't set a speed bellow 31 pixels/second) otherwize it can't move to the right direction.
What is the source of the problem? How do i fix it?

Here is richard Jones source code:

And here is the code of my enemy object:

import pygame, random
from pygame.locals import *
from Funsoes import *
import resources

class Enemy(pygame.sprite.Sprite):
def __init__(self, location, name, *groups):
super(Enemy, self).__init__(*groups)

self.type = 'Enemy'

self.AllDirection = {'Down': 0, 'Right': 1, 'Up': 2, 'Left': 3}
self.All = {'Lesma': (16, 12, -2, -5, 1, 20)}

self.nome = name

self.originalPosition = location

self.direction = 'Down'
self.number_of_sprite = 0

self.spritesheet = load_sheet('%s.png'%name,'Imagens',
self.All[name][0], self.All[name][1])

self.image = self.spritesheet[self.AllDirection[self.direction]][self.number_of_sprite]
self.rect = pygame.rect.Rect(location, self.image.get_size())

self.deadImage = pygame.image.load(resources.file_path('%sdead.png'%name, 'Imagens')).convert_alpha()

self.collisionRect = pygame.rect.Rect(self.rect.x + self.All[name][2],
self.rect.y + self.All[name][3], 12, 5) = self.All[name][4]
self.vida =

self.Max = len(self.spritesheet[0])

self.vy = self.All[name][5]
self.vx = 0

self.mask = pygame.mask.from_surface(self.image)

self.alive = True
self.atking = False

self.cont = 0

def update(self, dt, Game):
if not Game.Pause:

if self.alive:
last = self.collisionRect.copy()

self.vx = self.vy = 0

if self.cont >= 4*dt:
self.number_of_sprite += 1
self.cont = 0

if self.number_of_sprite == self.Max:
self.direction = random.choice(['Right', 'Up','Down', 'Left'])
self.number_of_sprite = 0

if self.direction == 'Down':
self.vy = 31
elif self.direction == 'Up':
self.vy = (-1)*self.All[self.nome][5]
elif self.direction == 'Right':
self.vx = 31
self.vx = (-1)*self.All[self.nome][5]

self.collisionRect.centerx += self.vx * dt
self.collisionRect.centery += self.vy * dt

new = self.collisionRect
for cell in Game.tilemap.layers['triggers'].collide(new, 'block'):
blockers = cell['block']
if 'l' in blockers and last.right <= cell.left and new.right > cell.left:
new.right = cell.left
if 'r' in blockers and last.left >= cell.right and new.left < cell.right:
new.left = cell.right
if 't' in blockers and last.bottom <= and new.bottom >
new.bottom =
if 'b' in blockers and >= cell.bottom and < cell.bottom: = cell.bottom

self.rect.left = new.left - 2 = - 5

self.cont+= dt
self.image = self.spritesheet[self.AllDirection[self.direction]][self.number_of_sprite]
self.mask = pygame.mask.from_surface(self.image)

if self.cont >= 2*dt:
self.number_of_sprite += 1
self.cont = 0
if self.number_of_sprite == self.Max:
for sprite in Game.sprites:
if sprite.type == 'Player':

self.cont += dt

def draw(self, Surface):
Surface.blit(self.image, self.rect)
if not self.alive:
Surface.blit(self.spritesheet[0][self.number_of_sprite], (self.rect.x, self.rect.y - 8))

Also, i kind of modified the tmx library a bit(only the draw method in the SpriteLayer object):

class SpriteLayer(pygame.sprite.AbstractGroup):
def __init__(self):
super(SpriteLayer, self).__init__()
self.visible = True

def set_view(self, x, y, w, h, viewport_ox=0, viewport_oy=0):
self.view_x, self.view_y = x, y
self.view_w, self.view_h = w, h
x -= viewport_ox
y -= viewport_oy
self.position = (x, y)

[b] def draw(self, screen):
ox, oy = self.position
w, h = self.view_w, self.view_h
OrderedSprites = OrderSprites(self.sprites())
for sprite in OrderedSprites:
sx, sy = sprite.rect.topleft
screen.blit(sprite.image, (sx-ox, sy-oy))
The OrderedSprites function:

def OrderSprites(spriteGroup):
OrderedSprites = []
Sprites = spriteGroup
cont = len(spriteGroup)

while len(OrderedSprites) < cont:
MaxY = 0
for sprite in Sprites:
if sprite.rect.bottom > MaxY:
MaxY = sprite.rect.bottom
chosed = sprite


return OrderedSprites

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