What programming language to learn

I'll bet a lot of people rolled their eyes at the title.

My question is not what programming language to learn, but does it matter? Aside from the fact that if you learn a language like C you can transfer to another quite easily, is there anything that one language can do that another can't? I've been in computer science for 10 months now, and php seems like the ultimate weapon to do just about anything. I was going to learn PERL because its so cool but whats the point, of going to the trouble of learning a language when there are few things one can do which the other can't? I know I'm probably wrong on some level(there is surely some reason companies use Java instead of php to develop software, even aside from speed) but for developing cool aps, scripts and personal software, there is no real reason to learn other languages except to increase knowledge. From a pure "doing cool stuff on a computer", perspective, there is no real reason to learn the more intricate languages, unless you are working or collaborating on something big, correct?

Another question entirely unrelated, is there such a thing as "code-eye" in software development? In architecture there is cad eye, where people find it hard to switch off after dealing with abstractions all day long. Do software developers have a hard time separating leisure, or do you have to make work your leisure if you want to get involved in the industry?

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