How to learn to code

Hi all,

I'm after some advice regarding how to get started learning to program. I currently work very closely with software developers, my current role is a business analyst and I think that if I can develop some skills in learning to code it will help me in my role and also assist with career progression in the future.

My company currently develops in VB6, which I believe is no longer very popular and then surely we will be transferring over to dot net but in the meantime I am wondering if anyone can advise any books online courses, all short courses at college or training provider that will assist me in getting to grips with the basics.

I appreciate that it will not be easy and I am not certain yet that I will be able to do it but as my company requires additional assistance with development and we are struggling to find another programmer who will work in vb6 I am looking for options

Also, if any of you would like it share how you got into programming, I would be very interested.

Many thanks :-)
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