Which one is best PHP or Wordpress site?

Hello Webmaster,
I have created one wordpress site called [b]http://funperiod.com/[/b]. But my friends has PHP sites and they told me that PHP sites are better than wordpress sites. I don't know more about codding. Please any one you let me know which one is best wordpress or php??

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  • I think wordpress will be the best for you.
  • Well, i would say its not appropriate to compare these two platforms with each other as both of these are having their own benefits. If we talk about wordpress i would say its extremely easy to manage and if your site needs regular updation and you don't need the developers to involve in it every time then you must go for wordpress. and if you are conscious about your website security, speed then you must go for PHP because in PHP there are frameworks which make it real easy for developers to build your website quickly and secure.

    As a programmer i would like to choose php because frameworks like YII makes the website development really easy. I love php and i love [link=techiesindiainc.com/yii-framework]YII Framework[/link]
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  • Thanks for your advice.

    Thanku very very much :)
  • PHP and wordpress both have their own importance but We can differentiate them:
    - If you are not familiar with coding and want your website keep updations, You should adopt wordpress. In wordpress you can develop small websites, while, In case you are developing a heavy website for your business and familiar about coding then you should go for PHP.
    - I think you can provide better security feature in PHP is in comparison to Wordpess.
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  • Hello guys, I completely agree with all of you. But is there any compulsory choice to choose one between PHP and Wordpress then I definitely choose Wordpress because WordPress is both a publishing platform as well as a popular CMS. I don’t know why the power of WordPress is being so under-rated, because I believe this beloved software has paved the way for a new evolution of websites.

  • Joomla is a versatile tool for developing web sites and applications. I am used to the Joomla of opening the project, working on it, then pressing run to see your site and debug it.

  • By profession I am PHP Developer so my answer is PHP Site.phpdevelopmentoutsourcing.com/hire-dedicated-developer-india.php

  • It depends what you need . Anyway now a days you can build anything with wordpress

  • pirata12pirata12 Barcelona, Spain

    hellowordpress is easy to manage

  • Wordpress is actually built on PHP. Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal are all PHP. Don't worry if you are using Wordpress because its quality is high. I'm using Wordpress to build my own sites, too.

    If you want to learn more about PHP, you can go and check my blogs at HOC PHP

  • hi wordpress is easy to manage

  • Magento and Wordpress are excellent PHP free open-source code. You guy can use both of them for your website.

    If you're going to design a news website, Wordpress is best. But when it comes to e-commerce, Magento is the best.

    Check out my blog at HOC MAGENTO if you want to learn Magento. It's FREE.

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