Automatically enrol a user after they log into Domain (AD Server)

[size=3]I know I'm posting this in the C# forum but the tool doesn't matter so much, only the solution. Assistance in Java, C++, PHP, or whatever would be greatly appreciated.

A potential client wants us to manage their corporate network so we need to make changes to our system to accommodate them.

One of those changes is to [b]automatically enrol users[/b] (on our Web Portal) when they log into their network using Active Directory.

We already have pages where a user can enter their AD details and we interface to their AD server to verify those details. However, this means that the user has to log into the network, then log into the web as well. We'd like it to be a single step.

I have been investigating on how we can have their AD server tell us that they have logged in and give the following details via a web interface:
- username including domain
- password (?)
- MAC and /or IP address of PC

The IT manager will need to be able to
- stop and start the process easily
- configure where the information is sent to (IP and port)
- view logs of the information transferred.

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