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The site is in a beta version
Webstracking - Track your website traffic and audience.
What you get?:
- watch how many visitors came in each day, week and month.
- watch how many visitors came in total.
- discover which browser, country and operation system your visitors use.

- choose if your tracking information will be public or personal.
Example pages:
[link=]WebsTracking liava2 -[/link]
[link=]WebsTracking click2youtube -[/link]
[link=]WebsTracking matzhik -[/link]

Soon to come:
- Google chrome extension - check how many visitors you had today, yesterday and in total simply by clicking on the extension icon.
- Real time visitors.
- Every account will be able to have more than 1 site.
- Multi language.
- Website's owners tools like sitemap generator and google position checker.
And more...
Have more ideas of options and features i can add to my site? email it to me

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thank you, Dror.
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