Making games

[b]*Introduction so I wont come off as rude or anything*[/b]
Hi. In the past years I've been wanting to learn software programming so I could later on, with the skills that I learned, to make computer games.

And so I finally reached 10th grade and chose programming courses. I had many subjects and one of them, my favourite, was programming per se.

This year I learned Pascal and next I'm having Visual Basic. They said Pascal would help us understand other languages better because it's clean and organised (don't rly remember, something like that).

I did some fun programs in pascal, I twiddled with it. So now that the year is past I can grasp the subject better and went looking for C++ stuff.

[b]*Introduction so I wont come off as rude or anything ^*[/b]

I'm still very confused in one thing.

How do I associate the codes with animations, graphics?

What I want is to start "playing around" with a programming language. Making stuff happen, if I move from x to y then something happens. I can do that in the black screen output but how do I make it with animations?

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