Python beginner

Hi every one

I have been learning pythion for a while now and i wish to go even more deeper in with programming with python. i come from the path of the world where we dont have people who are really educated when it come to writing softwares and solving complicated solution , either with application etc.

Thye reason i am learning python is because , i want to be able to solve alot of challenges faced by my country.

In places like
government agencies

all these location around my country still use the local means of doing business, i mean that they dont even use the computer and many of them i urging for a need to start use computer with better programs to control their business.

Most of the bankis will employ some tech gurus gurus from over sea to come do the job for them.

i need some legitimate answers , i want to be able to solve these problems we are faced in my country.

How can python help me? i am currently taking the MIT OCW.

I also need sites online where i can get advice on how to go about to solve alot of these problems

For example there are people aroun the country who will want to control their business just seating from one location and they need a software to help the do their job.

Thanks very much for your understanding, hopping for a reasonable response.
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