C++ Low latency Engineer - Prop Desk

[b]Looking for C++ low latency developer for developing high frequency trading applications and systems for a prop desk firm in New York.[/b]

Client Firm
Our client is a proprietary trading desk within a large European global investment bank based in New York. and focused on investing their own money in quantitative trading. At present, they are focused on developing their next generation high frequency trading platform.

This is an amazing prospect for a talented and skilled C++ engineer to work on the core infrastructure at a world leading global high frequency trading operation. This role need to have a good mix of innovation on the next generation platform as well as an ability to work closely with the future business on product delivery of existing products.
You will be joining a very talented automated trading systems research and development team, working on the enhancing the core trading system in an effort to develop a best in class high frequency trading system.
You work alongside some of the better quantitative traders and R&D professionals in the World.

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