Mafia Game Project

Many of you may have seen my other thread about a game project I am working on. After thinking out more of the details, I am able to put together a better thread detailing the project a bit more, as well as what I'll need.

I already purchased a domain, and I have shared hosting. I realize that I need to eventually get to dedicated hosting, but for now, I feel that shared hosting/free hosting is fine for initial stages of the game and beta testing, etc.

I am still a beginner in PHP programming. I have a game script already that can be modified, added to, secured, etc. to create an improved game that is unique as well. With a script already, this can lighten the load on coding, and simple modifications can be made. (This is a suggestion, however if you're a coder, would like to join the project, and would rather create a game from scratch, then we can discuss it)

Graphic Designers/Artists are needed as well. I want to replace all of the images, buttons, etc that came with the current script with new ones that fit the game nicely. Also, if a new game is created from scratch, will need Designers help for sure!

Again, once everything has been coded, tested a little, and the team can ensure the game will move smoothly, we will begin looking for Moderators, Admins, Helpers, the works. That's when we'll start advertising, getting the game out more, getting on voting sites, etc.

I know a little bit about coding, and I can provide creative insight to the game. I will also manage everything and ensure that the game remains up to the best of my ability. I have the domain for a yr, and I will have to remain on free hosting until I can afford to pay for hosting.

I don't want to discuss game details with anyone unless you are 100% full dedicated to the project. I have high hopes for the project, and I only want people who are apart of the team to know about the exciting features I have planned for the game.

If you would like to be apart of the project, here's how:

Interested in Coding? - Send me any websites you've done, if applicable, that can demonstrate your skills and how they can be applied to this project. If you don't have any examples, then talk to me about how you can help with this project.

Also if interested in Coding, tell me if you would be more comfortable creating a game from scratch or editing the script I have.
Interested in Designing? - Send me examples of your work, OR send in some art that you think would be great for the game. Impress me, and we'll discuss being apart of the team.
Interested in Mod, Admin, Helpdesk? - Talk to me about why you would be fit for the job. Give examples of sites you currently moderate, or discuss times when you did

Keep in mind, that it may be awhile before you are ACTUALLY placed on the team. You may be a good fit, but as game release time narrows down, only a select few will be chosen...
Interested in Testing? - We will be looking for testers as game development progresses. If you are interested in testing the beta version of the game, talk to me, and we'll talk further details.
Interested in being apart of the project in other ways? - You can still help if you aren't able to fill a position, or you're interested in something else. If you would like to donate to the project, be part owner, or discuss something else, feel free to contact me as well.

You can send me a message on here or you can email me at
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