finding a word and preforming a math function

I am wanting to write a simple bit of code that converts a currency into US$

I have managed thus far to get it to ask which currency I want to convert now I am not sure where to go from here

int main()
char n1[20];// rand
char n2[20];// pounds
char n3[20];// yen

puts("What currency do you want to convert to US$:
printf("You want to convert %s to US$



  • Hi, Piczim. You might have better luck if you used floating point variables instead of strings. For example:

    /* This program converts an input dollar amount to yen,
    using a sample exchange rate of 200.41. It is written for
    piczim. Author: Jose Luis Nunez. Public Domain: True*/


    #define RATE 200.41 //assuming exchange rate is 200.41

    float conv_yen(float dollars);

    int main(void){
    float dollars;
    float yen;

    printf("Enter Amount: ");
    scanf("%f", &dollars);

    yen = conv_yen(dollars);
    $%6.2f = %8.2f yen
    ", dollars, yen);
    return 0;

    float conv_yen(float dollars){
    return(dollars * RATE);
    You can then operate on the variables directly, and add the dollar/yen signs in output. Hope this helps!
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