Elastic difficulty modes added in WOW

Raid in the "World of Warcraft" in the history not only to give players a challenge, as each piece of information they in constant evolution and evolution. Respect and like the rest of the game, we have been thinking about how to allow more players to join groups raid experience. Although the normal and heroic mode is already familiar to most players, but we always felt that we should have some space to fill - for this reason, we are for the next major content update making a new raid mode: Elastic difficulty modes.

5.4 New Features Preview: New Flexible copy modes rise of friends and relatives

Obviously we can not put all the players into a unified standard mode, but we feel that we can as a class group of players to provide a large number of copies of a better experience - mainly by family and friends group consisting of friends and family, and the desire more guild members can bring a small guild group.

In the "Wrath" information on the film, 10 were normal difficulty has been such a sought after players. But the 10 and 25 models merge a lot of these players actually end of the game space. While Raid Finder mode is very convenient, but it does not provide for these small team players in the process of bringing the game content wasteland close social experience. In patch 5.4, we plan to introduce a new raid mode available to these players we feel they are looking gaming experience.

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