Paying for help to write a Facebbok post bump program!

Heya guys! I'm new here and to programming so I have no idea where this goes, move it if its in the wrong section!

So basically I'm looking for someone to help me write a programme/bot for facebook that can help me bump my posts in groups, by simply leaving a new comment on the posts. It should work via the activities log page.

For eg (Refer to attached picture), this is my current activity log with me bumping up my post on 6 different groups. I would like a program to automatically do it for me for any number of posts I have (Up to 20 posts if possible). I have no experience in programming so I have no idea if its possible. My idea of a bot that would work would be me highlighting that whole section and pressing a button, which a bot would then automatically go to all highlighted links (the blue post word), and just a random comment like 1 so that the post gets bumped to the top of the group.

Payment would 10USD via paypal, if anyone could do it. Thanks!

Note: this is not meant to be a spammer, Would only post say once every 30 minutes, which is within the group's requirements
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