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Hi Friends,

I am Aarti and I am a Computer Science graduate. I am in the process of learning .NET and wanted to take up some development activity as a personal project. I wanted to develop something such an application which I could may be talk about during job interviews. But I am not getting any ideas about any interesting applications I could develop using .NET. So I would be really happy if any of you could share your opinions and ideas.

Thank you very much,



  • Hi Aarti,

    It's good you are looking to make your own project, but you should understand that a project is something that includes and also now-a-days companies look people who are good with team not individually.
    As for the project why are you looking for making something which is not of any use for you, make something which you can appreciate for long terms like make your portfolio website as today it is very important for someone to make his/her presence on web. You can get a domain and hosting with as low as 1000 Rs, and there are few alternatives by which you can wave off this price also, that you can google :-)

    -Abhishek Agarwal
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