What is best customer support software online?

I am running a small business online now and i really do not want to do too much job one customer service. Can i use a customer support software? What is the best customer support online? How can i use it? Please help! I saw a free customer support software online last night, it is called iKode Helpdesk X, I want to buy it but i am not sure whether it works? Here is the website: http://www.phphelpdesk.org/, please give me some useful advise. Thank you very much!


  • Use [b]eAssistance pro live chat software[/b]. Just look at the feature of our online customer support software :

    Track and Monitor your visitors in real time
    Resolve Customer Queries instantly
    Handle multiple customer queries simultaneously
    Easily Accessible Customer Service
    Increase Visitors Trust
    Increase Customer Loyalty
    Improve Customer Satisfaction
    Increase Conversion Rates
    Increase Sale

    To download Our live chat software you have to just create an account on eAssistancepro.com
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