(Beginner) Database and Online Account Access

Hello Everyone! I am new here, and just looking for a place to start really. Here is the situation:

I work for a small business, and they have been using the same database and connection to the online system for years. There are many changes that everyone would like to make to both parts, but there hasn't been a programmer on staff...ever. Because I am young and pretty tech-savvy, I am kind of the one who everyone thinks should learn how to fix everything. I am okay with this, but I need some guidance.

The idea for our system is that we can use the standard database on our end, and then the clients can access and update their records via our website. I think this idea is pretty standard throughout most companies nowadays. I know it would be a lot of work, but I would like to design a completely new database system, and new online client access.

My question then is essentially where to begin...I have a basic knowledge of programming (mainly logic and not a specific language). Is there a language that is better suited for this type of situation? I am pretty much a blank slate in terms of programming languages, so any advice/help/direction is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
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