Programming a GUI for an open source OPUS audio encoder


I would like to create an open source encoder GUI for the new Opus(totally open, royalty-free, highly versatile) audio codec.
It is standardized by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and has a better audio quality then mp3, vorbis and aac at similar bitrates.

OPUS have no dedicated GUI yet. I have good ideas but no programming skils for GUI, I know C language from electrical ingineering classes.

[b]What I would need you to do:[/b]

Create a simple interface with an input file list (drag and drop compatible if possible), options for the opus encoder, output folder and start cancel buttons.


Then feed commands to the good codecs according to this diagram:


Of course it is just an idea ant I will make a better diagram if you accept the mission.

[b]What I will do:[/b]

-Give you some information and ideas
-Create diagrams
-Find codecs (and authorizations)
-Give you the appropriate commands for each codec if you need them
-Create and host the website for the project and more)

Contact me if you are interested by this simple project. Thank you for your interest!
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