NOT webvideoplayer programmer wanted but an ADVICE wanted how to find

NOT web video player programmer wanted but an ADVICE wanted how to find a web video player programmer. I cannot post my request to "Jobs Available" because they expect cash for a work. But I only want a BARTER:

I am not allowed to place my request on websites where are programmers available (websites like peopleperhour, twago, elance etc...) because I only want a barter.

PLEASE, CAN YOU GIVE ME AN ADVICE HOW to find someone when I only want to give something for a work instead of cash?

I am talking about this my request:


YOUR EASY SIMPLE WORK JUST FOR A FEW HOURS FOR FREE SPACE FOR YOUR ADVERTISEMENTS ON MY WEBSITE FOR HALF OF YEAR. = No cash money! Instead of the cash money, I'll give you free space where you can place your advertisement. It will make more money for you than some standard cash you usually ask for your work!: What kind of the advertisements you will place on my website, depends only on you: Whether you will run Google AdSense with your publisher id to earn direct revenue for each click on the advertisements from Google Company by any visitor of my website or whether you advertise your own website and get traffic to it or you will advertise any of your services and get the payment from your future customers or whatever, just suggest! I am open for an arrangement. If you want cash money for your work, do NOT contact me! If you agree with that deal, DO contact me.


1) Adding unlimited number of uploaded videos + linked videos: (embedded videos with URL links):
I will be pasting unlimited number of URL links into a playlist (probably into XML format?) and unlimited number of uploaded videos (unlimited giga bytes for each video). All the videos will be played in ONE (the same) web video player like TV on my public page. = There will be only one playlist in XML(?) for only my private use to be adding new videos with these two ways.

2) No video will be repeated (except exceptions):
Playing videos RANDOMLY = (where absolutely nothing will be repeated before ALL the videos are played, even after repeatedly restarting a computer by any individual user.): The web video player will remember which songs already were played by each individual viewer so that NO song could be repeated FOR each individual viewer! (except exceptions: SEE below)

3) Repeating concrete videos:
If I want, I will make settings for some concrete videos how many times some concrete video will be played (repeated) = percentage rate to all the number of videos in the playlist, to be able to promote concrete songs / videos / advertisements.

4) "Annotations" WITH (and without) THE DIRECT LINK to an original video on Internet:
(I mean the same feature like it is on YouTube where you can write any text you want on the screen of the player and after you click on the text, you are automatically redirected to any other page on internet (in a new window), for example: "CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE SINGER ON YOUTUBE." After one click on this sentence it will open a singer's original channel on YouTube or any other web page (in a new window). This feature will be for the UPLOADED videos as well as for the LINKED videos, because "annotations" can be used also for any other text (not only for the redirection).

5) The web video player has to be played in ANY media:
(for example: in any computers: desktops, laptops/notebooks, ipodes, any telephones, tablets, (MP4 if connected with internet) or whatever. (In MP3 players as an internet radio only = only audio, of course). But adding videos (uploading, pasting the links) has to be done ONLY once = only one format of the links (uploadings) for each video because I will be adding a huge number of the links (of uploadings) every day. That's why I will NOT have any free time to be pasting more formats of the links / uploading videos for each video.

6) Playing uploaded ANY formats:
(For axample: .flv, .MP4, etc. of the videos that will be uploaded / linked into the web video player).

7) Standard features:
Full Screen, Skip the video ("forward" )*SEE below, Volume, Mute, Stop / Play, time of the running video / duration of the running video, change quality, Autostart the web video player, Autonext every video.

8) "Forward" ("skip) the song (video):
If an individual viewer clicks the button: "forward" ("skip") the song (video), the player will play the next video and NOT play this song (video), any more, until all the playlist has been watched by that viewer. (Because the player will think, that viewer does not like this song (video).) By this way it will work (=it will remember it) ALSO even after restarting individual computers.

9) Background of the page where will be the website video player:
Just include a code so that I can anytime simply change background by uploading a picture / photo. PLUS inserting any active links ANYWHERE on the page on that photo / picture. The size of the picture / photo should have unlimited Mbs and unlimitedly long. Number of the links should be unlimited, as well.

- The problems with "buffering": Viewers will NOT wait for "buffering".
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