DCOM and ORACLE NTS authentication

We're running an old VB6 application on several clients that connect via a so-called application-server (Windows Server 2003 and possibly 2008) and DCOM to an oracle-database. As a positive side-effect it is not necessary to install oracle-client software on each client.

Now we are planning to switch to single sign-on and therefore to oracle nts-authentication. This works fine on clients with oracle-client installed. But when using it via DCOM a connection is not possible due to the fact, that DCOM does not deliver the correct os-user to oracle (DCOM is set up with the launching user).

I have now prepared our DCOM-component to log Environ("USERNAME") and Environ("USERDOMAIN") before connecting to oracle; both of them are empty. I think that is the problem.

Does anybody have an idea for a solution - and please not: Switch to a modern way of communicating between machines...:-)

THX in advance!
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