Question about where to even start on a program. Newbie here

Hello everyone and thank you for looking at my first post. My family owns two gas stations/repair shop/gas station stores. We recently looked for a back office system that ties into our Point Of sales for tracking inventory and ordering stock reasons. I always had a interest in learning to program always having a love for anything computer related. I have dabbled with Java and caught on quickly to the basics although never following through to move on to advanced Java.

So with that said we have a Gilbarco Passport POS. I was wondering if I wanted to create my own back office system which language would be best to code it in? Also is there some sort of API to actually interface a regular windows PC to the POS system? Sorry if I'm wording it wrong and I know I'm most likely years Way from being able to make something like this but if someone could just point me in the right direction it would be appreciated.

An example of this program would be
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