Head of programming and partnership opportunity

[b]Pokit is new technology based company that aims to create varying products for our customers across the internet. With strong hopes and good foundations we hope to bring the best minds into one organisation to learn and grow and improve the lives of others through technology.[/b]

[b]We need[/b]

A talented indiviadual who aims to produce the highest level of work and understands the needs of business and young organisation.

A suitable candidate would process:
Excellent coding ablity, with rich understanding of many languages
Willing to succeed in a tough industry
Able to contribute business ideas as part of a small organisation
Sense of humour
Entrepreneurial spirt

[b]We require[/b]

We require the candidate to work on creating the forefront of a new business, ranging from an app to a website and various other products. Candidate will also be responsible for maintaining all products and updating when needed.

[b]We offer[/b]

We will offer shares into the growing business, as well as a fixed payment for the work done. This is a perfect opportunity for coder with entrepreneurial passion.

Please contact me by my private email or skype:

Email: tcl-1996@live.co.uk

Skype: tomclarkxo
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