What do I convert fopen/fprintf to when using Matlab Coder?


I have a function which I am trying to use Matlab Coder to convert to mex and then to C code. It is a simple code, but it needs to write several of the local variables (which are arrays) to text files. In matlab this is easily done using [color=Blue]fopen[/color] to create and open a file for writing, and then using [color=Blue]fprintf[/color] to write the array to the opened file. However these functions are not supported in the Coder and I am not sure what to do.

My Matlab code is basically:

fid_u = fopen('velocity.txt','w');

for j = 1 : 100
', u(j,:));

Does anyone know what I should change this to to be able to convert to a mex function and then C/C++ ?
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