drawing on the panel and scrolling the result

I have problem with showing a diagram which is too big to see on one panel.
I have to scrollbars which should change the point of view on the diagram, but when i want to scroll the picture, the shapes are moving on the different position, everything getting crushed.

it looks like this [img=http://i39.tinypic.com/wqveg.jpg]

when i show it,and like this
when i try to look on the bottom of the graph

it looks like application drawing the shapes every time when i scroll the panel, and when i go on the bottom of picture the point on the top left corner still is (0,0) not (0,500)

I have algorithm, which giving value of location on the panel and nr id of object to the array, then i have the loop which drawing it, getting info from dictionary about the object and his position from array.

How this problem can be solved ?

Thx for any advice's
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