DevExpress TreeList checkboxe, possibly bind

Trying to get a treeList in DevExpress to have two columns
of checkboxes that can be checked and unchecked, and are populated
in code upon load (from database, but that part of the code I can
do) and maintain their checked and unchecked states upon reloading
the page. In DevEx things can be tricky and it is difficult to
find solutions on google. Anyways, it took me a while to find
out how to check and uncheck boxes and at the same time have them
set to specific states upon load. But the problem is maintaining
those states. If you don't know DevEx, you will not be able
to answer this question correctly, trust me, it's not something
simple like "use ViewState". Anyways, it can be done by binding
a DataTable to the treeList, but the problem is when I bind,
the parent-child relationship is not there, even if the ID
and ParentID columns are defined and properly set.
If you have worked with DevEx and know what the difficulty with
what I'm talking about is, please help, as I have a deadline to meet
and google is getting me nowhere.

If the binding solution will not work, I would accept some other
workaround. I am using a DataCellTemplate in a TreeListCheckColumn
inside a TreeList. The problem is if I call an event from the
CheckBox OnValueChanged, it's not firing, and even previously
when I was able to call an event from either the ASPxCheckBox (DevEx
CheckBox) or from the CheckColumn, the Key of the row is not available.
If you know how to get the even to fire and get the row, and set
the check state, please let me know, the difficulty is not in getting
the event to fire, that's just a simple lack of memory/saving my
code on my part.
If you've used DevEx and tried this problem before, you will know
what the difficulty I'm talking about is. Anyways, if you know
a solution, please help.
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