Could somebody nudge me in the right direction please!

Hi guys,

Im in need of a point in the right direction. With all the programming languages out there, and what seems like a relatively simple task to an uneducated programmer, I realy don't know where to start!

The task I need to perform is as follows:

I am looking for a programme that allows me to enter a name, that when submitted gets entered into 3 seperate text documents. dazbrad1, dazbrad2 and dazbrad3.

To further complicate matters, I require the programme to allow later name submissions, for example, roger, to have the same process applied: roger1, roger2 and roger3, but this time listed in the same 3 text documents created for the first name submission.

Now outputting one text document that includes dazbrad1 and roger1, another text document that now includes dazbrad2 and roger2, and finally, another text document that includes dazbrad3 and roger3.
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