C++ beginner, help for school project

Hello there!

(I know that nobody want to make full new code for another people, but this is all about it, please continue reading)

I am having trouble in school with some basic and easy (not for me) C++ programming.
If you could help me, I need codes for these programs to pass a high school grade. I study IT school, but I study multimedia and presentation, but they want basic programming too and I have no idea what to do with it.

Thanks for any help guys!

Create a program, which determines every prime number in interval <1;100> and then print to screen:
Prime numbers in range 1


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    A number, n, is prime if and only if it has no divisor between {2,...,rounded square(n)}. I answered a similar question here

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    here is the code:

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    bool isPrime(unsigned int n)
         for(unsigned int i=2;i<=n/2;i++)
             if(n%i == 0)
               return false;
         return true;
    int main()
        unsigned int UpperBound = 100;
        unsigned int LowerBound = 1;
        for(unsigned int i=LowerBound;i<=UpperBound;i++)
        return 0;
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