Help me get started

Hey all,

I'm gonna work at the company of my dad and i will do the management and placement of our cranes, trucks etc. Since he his modernising his company i would like to create a program to help me with managing the customers and transport.

I have made a example image of how i would like to design the interface and what it should do.

Here are the written details:

I would like to make a program that is able to work with a database of customers so that we know what we have to do if a existing customer asks us to transport something. (like e-mail someone, call someone, go somewhere etc). Then i would like to make it possible to add customers to the week (not implementing them on a day but putting them in a list ). Later when i have to make the day tasks i want to select a customer from the list and put it on the day i want it on. At each day i want to have a list of our cranes, trucks, ... so i can set a customer to a specific truck or crane.

Can someone help me to get started or in which program/language i should make it?

thanks in advance
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