Hello all dear programmers!

I need a help to do a bookingsystem. About the program:

The programm is going to handle the sale and purchase of tickets. When the program starts at the cinema's opening at 12 is read to date information in the files. Each file stores information about sales and the remaining tickets for a particular day.

In the program, it should be possible to deal with movie tickes and it should be able to buy&return them. And it would be great if it could be a check thing that you can not buy more than what is avaible :)

For each theater(i have 6theaters), there should be a line of information as follows:

Salonnumber | Movies name | Number of Locations |Number of tickets sold
1 | Return of the Jedi | 300 | 255
2 | Karate Kid 2 |200 | 15
2 | Ghostbusters 3 | 200 | 200

The program should also provide the opportunity to be used for the purchase (online) and canceled by phone :)And when an order is made by phone, the program will ask for the name of the person who wants to do it. A code (random) will be given to the person.
You should be able to make an inquiry regarding a telephone order with the code. You should then receive information on the order, the person's name.

I really, really need help to do this booking/buying system. Links to other biography booking/buying system that is doing same think would help me alot! :D

Hans Karlson

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