Need the help of a Python Developer for a Noble Project

Greetings Developers,

I am an IT Manager working in Toronto Ontario, Canada. I required the services of a Python developer to help build a technical concept of a revolutionary anti-cyber bullying system. The concept is small scale and will remain so until full development begins next year. The only services that I initially require are to build the technical model.

We already have solution design for the larger part of the system, and anyone interested would need to sign an NDA due to the sensitivity of the project. I am willing to provide monetary compensation if required because I have been hitting dead ends with my real life connections as most people do not want to code when they get home from a day at the office.

I am turning to the internet to seek out a resource that is passionate about anti-bullying, and become part of something that will hit mainstream news next year. We do not have a tight timeline at this point so we are not under a crunch, however I want to get rolling sooner rather than later.

Please help if you can.
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