Lie Detection - Improvement of Prevaricator Software

In today's world of disinformation and media manipulation wouldn't it be nice to know when someone is lying to you? Be it in person or through any media there's a technique that can achieve that: [link=]Voice Stress Analysis[/link]. Aside from the controversy and criticism the technique has it is extremely easy to prove it works. Try the program called [link=]Prevaricator[/link], lie on purpose to it and see if it detects your lie. Then test it on a couple politician's speeches of your choice and that's when the fun starts ;)


The problem with the program is that is very limited and lack many functions to be easy to use, it can only read wave format so you must convert the audio or video you want to test to it. My idea is that some programmer reading this and interested in the idea of a lie detection software make an open source update of the program with many more functions like easy integration of video and audio streaming webpages adding a discreet beep sound and record the time of the video or audio when it detects a possible lie. Android support for use in mobile devices in live conversations, perhaps adding a flashing screen or audio option of the device when it detects a lie. Easy support of addons so users can add their own ideas for functionality of the software. And any other useful idea anyone comes up with and adds to this forum thread. One that is important to me is [u]being minimalist and discrete[/u] with the sound ([italic]beeping[/italic]), visual ([italic]flashing screen[/italic]) or even tactile cues ([italic]buzzing of a mobile device[/italic]) when the software detects a lie. In my opinion a user will not want to be distracted from the conversation or video she's watching or that the person who is talking with notices the use of that kind of software.
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