Invoke actions on a robot via web application

Hello everyone, I am a computer science student and in the current term we have to build a web application to invoke actions on a robot. This web application should contain some buttons the user can push. After pushing a button a signal goes out to the web-server and the server gives the robot the signal to execute the desired action. The actions for the robot are coded in Java and are already working. The problem is that I do not really know how to make the connection between the web and the robot. The robot has an IP etc. and acts like a computer. I intend to create the web application in eclipse with GWT. But how can I manage that the pushed button invokes an action on the robot? Can anybody give me a hint how to proceed and which components should be considered? Shall the buttons in the web application trigger a remote method invocation or something like this? I'm Stuck... and I have no experience in server client programming. I hope someone can help me out.

Thanks in advance!
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