soccer statistics code/programme

I am looking for someone who can make me a aprogramme similar to or Basically , the difference will be that I neeed the stats to have an update from the internet and for all the leagues which BET365.COM has bets for. The logic wil be as follows

Get the last 8 games the team has played , if the team has had over 2.5 goals (home or away) all the games , then flag it into colour VERY Dark Blue , If the team has had 6 games over 2.5 , then Dark Blue , If the team has had 5 times over 2.5 , then Light Blue , If the team has had 4 times over 2.5 then Black.

This same Logic should apply for under 2.5 Goals except the colour should be RED

This logic should apply everytime I update the information from the internet and should be up to date as soon as the results come out.

I should be able to export this to an excel document (unless the programme is already created on excell)

The Idea for this is to create an excell spreadsheet (COUPON) where the logic for soccer prediction is based on the following

If the in (VERY Dark Blue , Dark Blue) is playing any teaam except for a red coloured team , then it qualifies to be on the COUPON , If the team in light Blue is playing another in light blue then it qualifies for the coupon END This same Logic applies for under 2.5

Please send your details if you want more information , But I think I have been clear enough with my requirements

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