Pascal compile problem

Good morning to everyone. I've been searching for two days, and I cannot find a solution for my problem. When I write a program in pascal turbo, I click run and it works perfectly, but when I try to open up the file in an executable (.exe) extension I can't and the computer gives me this error "The version of this file is incompatible with the version of Windows you are using(...)" , I've already changed the properties for every windows( xp, 95, vista etc...) and it doesn't work anyway. Any solution?. I've uploaded the file, please check if it works in your system(!CkognDxS!GTywNkA-bmlM5HZfTb5IN25U2xdS9MggL12qSjN4Dig), I didn't upload it here since they do not accept .exe files. Thank you for reading this and for your time. (I'm using windows 7).
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