First job. Hard task. iOS development.

Hi there. I'm Dave and I'm new here so I would like to say hello first.

I am finishing my studies this year and I have started a job. My first job. After making a simple warm-up task which was very easy, my boss gave me another task. I have to create mobile version of existing desktop application for iOS. The problem is that I have never written even a line in objective c, only some very simple apps for Android, and the desktop app is quite complicated. A have academical knowledge. It is a good time to start real programming but do not you think, that such serious task (by my professional colleges in team it is estimated for about 1 or 1,5 year) is too difficult for a beginner.

I have made a research, and now I learning Objective c and iOS. After 2 weeks of reading some tutorials, writing sample code etc I still have a terrible mess in my head. Tutorials are written for different ios versions (with ARC and without), make the same things in completely different ways. MVC model is logical, but not obvious for the beginner etc. So, I see that it will be extremely hard to make this task successfully. After these 2 weeks I still have some problems with basics. In company I do not have anyone who writes for iOS - I have to do everything alone, using forums etc... Sometimes I am spending a couple of hours on a very stupid problem...

Questions to you:
1. Is it normal, that I have such problems? Did you face something similar?
2. Is it normal that after 2 weeks of learning I still have problems with basics (not Hello World, but with some apps with more than one cooperating controllers and views, drawing stuff etc)?
3. Is giving such a task for beginner a good boss's decision?
4. What way of EFFICIENT learning would you propose in my case?

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