Algorithm for 5 variable optimization problem using Matlab

hi, i am working on Multivariable OPTIMIZATION PROBLEM, where i have to optimize 5 impedance variables i.e. Z1,Z2,Z3,Z4 and Z5 (where range of all impedance lies 50 to 150 ohms).

for eg. my proposed system function is [b]H(z) = ( Z(1) + Z(2)z^-1 + Z(3)z^-2 ) / (1 + Z(4)z^-1 + Z(5)z^-2)[/b]
where, z is delay of Z-transform

By optimization i want to reduce error = Least mean square of (z - H(z))

So, how to vary variables Z1 to Z5 in multivariable optimization?????

kindly give some sugesstions. which algorithm should i follow?
I am using MATLAB coding for this problem.

[b]Basically i am stuck with how should i vary(following Algorithm) these 5 variable values to reach optimum points of these variable. And Which Algorithm should is follow[/b]

Thank you

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