Relax or turn off constraints in your dataset


I have created a DataSet in VB.Net. The Table it is connected to has a PrimaryKey. All works fine as long as my SQL Query is a Standard one like SELECT * from....

I want to use a GROUP BY but when I do I get "ConstraintException was unhandled" with the suggestion that I relax or turn off constraints... I can't find a way to do this. I cannot find EnforceConstraints anywhere in the interface to turn it to false...

Here is my GROUP BY which doesn't include the Primary Key value in it anywhere...

[code]SELECT CustomerID, SUM(PPA) AS 'CustomerPay', SUM(ABS) AS 'TechPay', SUM(TaxDuty) AS 'Tax', CustDept
FROM tabShippingItems
WHERE (InvoiceNumber = @InvoiceNumber)
GROUP BY CustomerID, CustDept
ORDER BY CustomerID [/code]

My Primary Key is called ShippingID. Any help would be appreciated...

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